I’m Michael Bailey and I’m serious about your business success.

Short evaluation. Long term success.

Chances are, you’ve never experienced business coaching like this.

In an industry filled with high pressure sales tactics and excessive self-promotion, I offer something different. Common sense support. I come alongside your business to support you with experience and tools to help you set business goals and achieve them. But you don’t have to believe me. Evaluate my services for yourself, with three trial sessions absolutely free of cost or obligation. I’m sure that you’ll find value and ultimately choose to engage my services on an ongoing basis.

I’m a certified business coach who focuses on growing profitable revenue for small businesses. You benefit from more than 30 years experience developing and implementing Sales and Service Programs for small and large companies across North America, Europe and Asia, personally training and coaching over 10,000 people. I help businesses in a variety of critical areas to make them stronger, more efficient and more resilient to change.

Revenue Generation for Small Business
Written and Implemented Strategic Plans
Personal and Team Coaching
Finding Opportunities for Business Growth
Ongoing Support to Take Your Business to the Next Level

No hype. Just a simple offer.
First three sessions with no cost or obligation.
See if you qualify.

Three steps to help your business grow.

Growing your business doesn’t have to be complicated. But it does have to be smart.
Three easy steps to business growth with Superior Business Coaching

You spent years building your business.

Doesn’t it make sense to spend three hours learning how you can accelerate your business growth? Check if you qualify for my three free sessions and let’s get started.

Truly independent

No agenda. No proprietary tools. Just honest support to help you with your business objectives.

Advice based on your goals

Your needs are listened to. Then we help you solve the issues you’re struggling with.

Ongoing support as you grow

Coaching helps you be the best you can be as you encounter new challenges.

Experienced support your whole organization will love.

Helping you discover and explore new initiatives and opportunities, with credibility as an outside expert.

Change is challenging in even the best organizations. Having an experienced facilitator guide your teams through the process is easier than trying to do it all by yourself.

Find out where you’re letting opportunities fall through the cracks.

Only someone outside your organization can help you see your business from a fresh perspective, guiding you to discover missing initiatives and better ways of doing things.
I never realized how much of an impact a business coach could have on my business. With Michael’s help, I have already increased my revenue by 35%.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do we meet for coaching?

This depends on the price plan you choose. Meetings can take place two, three or four times per month. There is some flexibility based on what’s going on, but we recommend sticking to regularly scheduled appointments that help you get into a rhythm that supports your business. These coaching sessions are important and should be given priority in your schedule.

What do clients have to do between sessions?

Unlike some coaching programs, we won’t give you obscure or vague assignments like reading a book or taking in a workshop. You’ll be given very specific action steps that are laid out as part of your strategic growth plan. You’ll be encouraged and kept accountable for clearly defined direct actions that will make your business more successful.

What do you do for my business between sessions?

In between our meetings, I’ll be doing whatever needs to be done to support the things we identify in our strategic planning sessions. I will step in to do things that you are unlikely to be skilled at or able to do. I might, for example, help put together materials for sales training, or hiring processes, or finding you resources to assist with your action steps.

Is there a minimum term?

Unlike many coaching programs, there is no minimum term commitment whatsoever. You pay month-to-month, and you can cancel at any time. It’s that simple. I’m confident you will find so much value through our collaboration that you’ll continue to work with me long into the future.

Why is a strategic action plan important?
There are many reasons why it’s critical to have a clear strategic plan. Many businesses just try to wing it, or have a plan that’s not defined except in the owner’s head. That doesn’t work. The entire team needs to know where the business is going and why things are done the way they are. They can’t be 100% on board or committed to a direction if they don’t clearly understand what that direction is. Plus, accountability is only possible when there is a plan in place. Without it, how do you even identify when someone isn’t working in line with the plan?